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The Camarines Norte Triskelions

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Why Join a Fraternity?

Undoubtedly, you are attending college to earn a specific degree or become qualified for graduate school. Is joining a fraternity essential to your attaining either of these goals? No, probably not. If these two things are the only goals you hope to attained during your college years, then read no further.

But if your goals include becoming a leader in your field of choice and an individual of great accomplishment, then joining a fraternity is something that could be beneficial to your college career.

Surely, you will learn a great many things in college; many of them you will keep with you throughout your adult life, as they certainly will come in handy time and time again. But, there are some things that just cannot be taught on a blackboard or absorbed by reading a textbook. Things like dealing with people, trouble-shooting problems, taking the lead and setting positive examples, and working together as a team are skills best learned either from those with experience, or through your own personal experiences. Fraternal life furnishes you with both avenues of learning, coupling the guidance of elders with the individual self-confidence earned through the maturing process of pledging.

Not only will the knowledge you gain in your fraternity experience stay with you all of your life, but so will the friends and contacts which you make in the brotherhood. The bond of brotherhood is a very unique kind of association, one that will last a lifetime; very few campus clubs or organizations can promise you that kind of longevity and commitment.

Fraternity life may not be for everyone. As was alluded to before, there will always be plenty of young men who go through school and come out four years later with a perfectly good college degree under their belt. But, there will always be those men who had the wisdom to that little extra with their educational experience and join a fraternity. And while you may not think so now, you will always be able to tell the difference.