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The Camarines Norte Triskelions

TAO-KSA as The Fifth Jewel (Sardonyx) in the T. I. Hall of Fame

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To all Triskelions of TAO-KSA,


First of all, I would like to thank you for coming forward to reveal the truth. In fact, that is what I expect from every Triskelion and from every Chapter of our beloved Triskelion Grand Fraternity and Sorority. Transparency, sometimes, is very difficult to acquire because of our idiosyncrasies. However, if we continue to hide the truth in the clouds of insecurity, we will always carry a heavy load of care that will result in our disappointment and despair.


Second, I admire your sincerity and humility. Yes, I agree with you that if you want to do good, you must not sound a trumpet to the world about it. However, there are times when we have to reveal what we are doing if we are going to be recognized for the good deeds that we have done to the community, to our fellowmen and to our fellow Triskelion brothers and sisters. Affirmation and Appreciation for all the things we have done for the benefit of mankind are very important to us because it takes away the load that we are carrying. It makes serving the community a very satisfying and rewarding endeavor.


Third, I want you to know that all Triskelions are equal in my sight. I don't see each and every one of you as Muslims, Catholics or Christians. I see all of you as Triskelions. The mere fact that I always thank the Lord Jesus Christ for everything should not be treated as an issue of religion and that our Muslim brothers and Catholic brothers should never get mad at me because of that. I don't get mad at our Muslim brothers when they mention Allah or our Catholic brothers when they mention the Blessed Virgin Mary. We are all Triskelions and the issue of religion should never be a subject of our discussion. Only immature and insecure men will use religion as a reason to hold unity hostage in our worldwide Triskelion Brotherhood.


Fourth, our name, TRISKELION, has more meaning into it than what most of our brothers and sisters know about it. It is not just a mere symbol nor it is the conglomeration of the three dynamic forces in the universe. The name Triskelion has power to change the lives of men and women who would come to know it. Until one comes to the point of knowing what TRISKELION truly means, he/she will always have a problem in dealing with it.


Fifth, having said that, I would like to let you know that I prayerfully and carefully evaluated the documents and files that you sent me. From now on, the good deeds that all of you have done in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2001, in the name of Triskelion Alumni Association - Riyadh Council, will never be forgotten. Your labor of love and devotion to our Fraternity and Sorority will always be cherished by me, as your Founding Father. Thank you very much, Bro. Willy. And thank you very much, my fellow Triskelions of TAO-KSA. In recognition of your Chapter's numerous contributions to the community, to our countrymen and fellow Triskelions in their hour of need, and for being instrumental in the establishment of Triskelion International - Kingdom of Bahrain, I gladly welcome your Chapter as the fifth jewel (Sardonyx) in the Triskelion International Hall of Honorable Service. Recognizing Chapters of our Fraternity for their good deeds and excellence as a Chapter is something I love to do as a Founding Father.


Lastly, this recognition will not be given to every Chapter. Only those Chapters who have consistently strived to be of service to the community, to our fellowmen and to our fellow Triskelions in their hour of need and at the same time giving honor to the name of our beloved Fraternity and Sorority will be recognized as such. And remember, your Chapter's credibility has never been at stake. It was just a matter of simple communication. As our No. 3 Code of Conduct says, "Inform and orient your fellow Triskelions in matters which you consider vital to the Fraternity." Again, welcome aboard! God bless all of you and may grace and peace be with you all.


At your service for His Highest,


Tito Venida


Founding Father


Alberto Bauzon


HP Saudi CSG


5th Floor AlFaisaliah Tower


P.O. Box 67280, Riyadh 11596Saudi Arabia

T: +966 1 273 1200x216

F: +966 1 273 1202

M: +966 503 198 413