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The Camarines Norte Triskelions

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Tau Gamma Sigma

Why Tau Gamma Phi?

While there certainly are many ways to enrich your college experience, there is definitely no better way than joining a college fraternity. The brothers of Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity believe that academics, athletics and a satisfying social atmosphere are all very essential to college life and there is no better way to attain these main ingredients than joining a fraternity.

Alumni: Many of our alumni serve in the fraternity's governmental system, either on the Executive Board, as regional leaders, or chapter advisors. Our alumni also keep active amongst themselves, through the many alumni clubs located throughout the nation.

The College Experience: There is no better way to enhance your collegee experience than joining a fraternity, and there is no better fraternity for you to become a valuable part of than Tau Gamma Phi. Our fraternity will help you to grow and mature as both a student and a human being.!
Academics:We offer a scholarship program and awards as incentives and recognition to our members.

Leadership: Tau Gamma Phi has many members involved in various school activities, Greek councils and student leadership. We are always active participants in inter-fraternity events.