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The Camarines Norte Triskelions

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Bro. Mitchell L. Flores, MDG


I guess everybody will agree that our Triskelion Principles are universal in nature. They can be adopted and applied by anybody else, yet it will not guarantee that in adopting such principles, they become Triskelions themselves. Like the “E” of the Code of Conduct, where anybody can excel in their chosen field of interest and endeavor, but not all who excelled are Triskelions. I would presume that all the Senators have excelled in their chosen field of interest and endeavor, but we all know that only one of them is a Triskelion, and that is Senator Ralph G. Recto.

For one to be called an Atenean, then he or she must first be enrolled in an Ateneo School, and it is said that Ateneans are men for others. However, not all who exemplify a “man for others” character are Ateneans, but only those who are enrolled and studying in an Ateneo School. So therefore, enrollment is the first requirement and next is to study, because we all know that if students fail to study well then he or she could be kicked out from the school. Now, how about in our Fraternity? Do we have some sort of first requirements in order to be called Triskelions? Yes, we do.


I remember that we used to associate the Initiation as the Graduation of a Triskelion, but come to think of it, it is not the graduation, rather it is just the enrollment process of the Triskelions. Yes, the Initiation is just the “Enrollment” in our fraternity, and once enrolled, then you have the right to becalled a Triskelion, however you are still required to study in order to pass. So if the Initiation is only our “Enrollment” then would it also mean that the Initiation is the easiest part of our Triskelion Life? Yes. The Initiation is indeed the easiest part of our Triskelion Life. What’s more difficult is how to satisfy the demands of our Principles, Duties and Responsibilities. What’s more difficult is how to live the “Triskelion Way of Life”.


If we have an enrollment, then what school or university did we enter? When is our graduation? Is our graduation the moment we attained our college degree? No. That’s not it. Did we forget of considering Tau Gamma Phi as a Fraternity for life? So even if we get hold of a hundred diplomas, our school days as Triskelions are not over as long as we live. Therefore, the school we’re in is the “University of Life”, and our graduation is “Death”. Now, who wants to graduate first? Of course we are going to graduate sooner or later, but what is important is to graduate with a high grade, so that it won’t be difficult for us to be admitted in a better place, and we call that place as “Heaven”.


Fellow Triskelions, the “University of Life” is the sole University for us Triskelions. We are all enrolled, so we are all obliged to study and satisfy all requirements, duties and responsibilities of a Triskelion. Let us try to do well in our studies until we reach our graduation, which is “Death”. And remember always, that only those who graduated with honors or with a high grade shall be admitted to a better place.