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Updating health status for free , 200 Filipinos benefit from Medical Camp
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About 200 Filipinos received free medical and dental services during a free medical campaign yesterday.


The Triskelion International, a social organisation and the Philippine Overseas Workers Welfare Organisation (OWWA) shelter organised the camp at the consulate grounds.


It aimed to help Filipino contract workers have their annual checkups – a persisting problem for some workers who are not provided with medical checkups as stated in their contracts.


“I heard about the drive. It was an opportunity not to be missed,” said a patient at the mission working as a labourer who had come all the way from Sitra. “I hadn’t had my blood pressure checked for a while. My company does not provide free medical consultation and I cannot afford their fees.”


One of the volunteer doctors said most patients sought consultation for hypertension, asthma and diabetes, among others. During laboratory tests, most patients found to have a very high sugar blood count. Intentional negligence was often the main cause of the problem as patients avoid high costs of consultations.


Volunteer obstetricians, gynaecologists and midwives provide advice to expectant and new mothers on health and child-rearing. They also distributed free medicines for cough and cold as well as vitamins.


Volunteer dentists from various hospitals provided dental hygiene tips and extracted tooth in some cases. It was the third medical mission organised by Triskelion, coinciding with its 38th anniversary.


“Last year we held our first medical mission alongside our anniversary. We know a lot of our “kababayans” will benefit from the mission which is the best community project,” said Boyet Sarmiento, one of the organisers. Carlo Casal, last year’s organiser said: “This mission is not just for the blue-collar workers but also for the white collar workers. Some workers encounter problems in acquiring proper consultation and medication; some companies charge too high for the service, so the workers just stay away.” “We know by this, we are helping in some way or the other. Last year, we had more than 150 patients with various health concerns that had not been attended to,” he said.


Welfare officer Venus Bravo encouraged similar projects. “We need more Filipinos who are willing to commit themselves to community service. It is a template for other organisations to follow; they understand Triskelion mission and vision. They’re aware of the situation many of our countrymen face here, their assistance is invaluable.”


Last update on: 7-10-2006