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The Camarines Norte Triskelions

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The Triskelion Supremacy

By: Bro. Mitchell L. Flores, MDG

There is no doubt that our Fraternity is currently experiencing so many organizational problems. Nevertheless we need to identify the root cause of all these problems. After all the necessary queries and observations, we can safely say that the root cause of all these is the Identity Crisis of many individual Triskelions.


It’s Identity Crisis because majority of the Triskelions today live their life as if they have two personalities; one that is Triskelion and the other as the old self. And because of this perception, it is very easy to shun away from fraternal obligations and responsibilities. This situation is truly tragic for our beloved Fraternity and as long as this dual concept exists, we won’t be able to achieve our ultimate goal of Supremacy.


We need to realize that once we became Triskelions, we were elevated into a higher form of being; a three-legged mammal whose always one step ahead over the others. The “old self” no longer exist because we have already evolved as Triskelions. And once we surpassed this Identity Crisis, then we will be ready to face anything and always ready to render the necessary sacrifices in order to attain our ultimate goal which is Supremacy.


What is a “Fratman”? Have we questioned ourselves about this? Well, a true “fratman” is he who loves his fraternity more than himself. A “fratman” is always ready to sacrifice for the name and honor of his fraternity even to the point of giving ones life. A “fratman” doesn’t care of personal gains but gives more importance to fraternal glory. A “fratman’s” way of life is absolutely based on the doctrines and principles of his Fraternity.


A Triskelion is a “fratman” as well. Therefore, a Triskelion must love the Tau Gamma Phi more than himself. A Triskelion must always be ready to sacrifice for the name and honor of the Tau Gamma Phi even to the point of giving ones life. A Triskelion doesn’t care of personal gains but gives more importance to the glory of Tau Gamma Phi. A Triskelion’s life must be absolutely based on the Tenets and Code of Conduct.


“The Tau Gamma Phi is the Triskelions’ Grand Fraternity, my Fraternity, the Supreme Fraternity”. Our first Tenet clearly states that our Fraternity is Supreme. But the question is, are we really Supreme today? Well, the answer is NO. We are not yet supreme. Triskelion Supremacy is still a dream. But because of the first Tenet, we are all bestowed with the duties and responsibilities to do our very best in order to attain fraternal supremacy as soon as possible. Therefore, we have no right to do things that will delay our attainment of supremacy. We just have to examine ourselves if the things we do today are contributory in reaching our ultimate goal for Supremacy. That is why we need to excel in our chosen field of interest and endeavor because only excellent individual Triskelions can make a Supreme Fraternity. Yes, we need to excel individually because Triskelion Supremacy is collective in nature. It needs each and every Triskelion to work hand in hand in order to reach our goal. Just always remember, that once we become successful in life, we must help our beloved Fraternity in whatever capacity we may have, because if we don’t, then what is the difference between us and the non-Triskelions?


Dear fellow Triskelions, have we overcome the Identity Crisis? Are we still a “Fratman”? Are we helping our Fraternity achieve it’s ultimate goal of Supremacy? The answers are all our hands.


Long Live Triskelions!